Enabling Quick-Hit Invention Licensing Pitch

A longtime GMI client, a quintessential serial entrepreneur, had an invention idea and a specific target licensee. Prototyping the invention would be difficult and time consuming, but she wanted to make a pitch to sell it...

  • Secure Design Patent Rights

Securing Design Patent Rights

GMI has secured Design Patents for dozens of clients, a prime example being a Vermont-based home accessory company. The new products in development by the company were fresh new takes on long-existing consumer goods – so utility patents were not applicable...

Screening of Early-Stage Invention Ideas

Opportunity An e-commerce-based company had an idea for new technology to improve a user’s experience on the company’s website. Before virtually any R&D occurred, the client sent GMI an invention disclosure, described as a near-theoretical [...]

Efficiently Linking to Outside Counsel

Concern An e-commerce-based company received a notice of patent infringement. Alarm bells rang loudly with company CEO and CTO – a company with no IP experience or patent counsel. They wanted swift, comprehensive analysis, with [...]

Turning a Prior Art Lemon into Lemonade

Opportunity An independent inventor/entrepreneur had one patent, and came to GMI with disclosure of new idea in the same field. GMI performed a patent search, and found a very closely related issued patent – a [...]

IP Protection at the Speed of Business

Opportunity A start-up in the solar energy field had piqued the interest of a venture capital group. They approached me eight days before a hard-to-schedule meeting with the VC group, needing to protect their IP [...]

Global Company Uses GMI As Part of IP Team

Opportunity A $2 billion/year company with in-house IP and legal teams needed a reliable IP pro with a mechanical engineering background for projects that exceeded their workload. Timing of projects was variable and unpredictable, but [...]

Securing Global Patent Coverage, Start-to-Finish

Opportunity A start-up company in the medical device field engaged GMI for complete patent services, with the goal to securing IP rights in the US and at least a dozen foreign countries. Result GMI performed [...]