An e-commerce-based company received a notice of patent infringement. Alarm bells rang loudly with company CEO and CTO – a company with no IP experience or patent counsel. They wanted swift, comprehensive analysis, with a response under the name of an attorney at a major law firm.


GMI analyzed the claims of the issued patent(s), and examined the patent’s prosecution history. Working extensively with my client’s CTO, GMI created a highly detailed summary of their processes being accused of infringement. Under my guidance, the client then engaged the services of a large law firm that GMI often works with, using my analysis for the firm’s assessment of infringement and risk.


The client had a response from a major IP law firm delivered to the accuser. Engaging GMI for a substantial portion saved significant costs ($10,000-$20,000) and time over using the large law firm for the entire process. The matter was addressed rapidly – and significantly, the accuser was not heard from again.